It is with deep sorrow that we learned of the death on Thursday 14 December of a much loved and valued member of our community, Penri Evans of Senghenydd. Penri was a dedicated committee member of Senghenydd Community Centre and a supporter of the Aber Valley Heritage Group and, at 96 years old with a fantastic memory, was always able to give them information on families that had moved away from our valley in the earlier years which was invaluable to those tracing their family history.

Penri was the youngest of six children, five boys and a girl from the well known musical Evans family who originally lived in Alexander Terrace, Senghenydd. Most of his working life was spent at the Windsor Colliery, apart from his WW2 Service in the RAF located in the Middle East. When the husband of his sister Amy was killed in an accident just before their daughter Marilyn was born he was a source of strength to them and helped to support them throughout their lives. He was and will always remain the beloved honorary grandfather to Marilyn’s children Robert, Elizabeth and their families also to Marilyn’s stepchildren as well as “Uncle Pen” to all his remaining nieces and nephews.

Penri was hoping to reach his century, but just in case he didn’t he decided to hold his “living wake” at the Senghenydd Centre so that he could take part in it! What a wonderful day it was, good food, lots to drink, lovely company and, as Penri stated, a day to remember! His family, friends and us, his colleagues, will always remember him, his joy with life, his memorable comments and his wonderful knowledge of our valley and its inhabitants.

Penri Evans